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By Hamptons Monthly Staff, July 21, 2016

Hamptons residents Aaron Duncan and Takuya Suzuki were having a tough time finding high end casual wear perfect for the beach that could also take them to the day and night beyond.

Worlds collided when the pair fused the casual, modern lifestyle of the Hamptons with top Japanese craftsmanship to create Takuya Duncan. The brand that’s dedicated to effortless essentials was built to offer a seamless blend of understated luxury and relaxed style. How did they do it? Hamptons Monthly found out when we chatted with co-founder Aaron Duncan about their summer 2016 collection.

The mantra of the brand is “East meets the East End”. What role did the two cultures play in developing the collection?

Takuya is from Japan and part of it was a trip [there] a little over a year ago. We kind of went there looking to just research the local craftsmanship that’s there and [met] with a lot of different factories in the countryside. Some of them are 400, 500-year-old companies. We just got sort of enamored by how passionate they are about what they do.

We came across this one company there open to working with us. They had never done Western products before. They were actually a Kimono factory. They make actual traditional kimonos. The indigo fabrics were so amazing, all of this handwork done to them.

Then living also in the Hamptons, which is much more laid back and casual, we sort of wanted something with a little more elevated quality. But, yet had that craftsmanship that went into the product and a story behind it. That’s where the East meets the East End.


Give us an idea of the guy you’re looking to outfit and the time of day or places he’d be wearing your pieces.

It’s probably more for that passive sort of guy, looking for something on the weekend to throw on, that he can wear to run to the store or to go to the beach or even go out for dinner. But, it’s more of that casual, laid- back attitude. You picture the Hamptons even if you’re not in the Hamptons sort of thing.

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