Artist Lynn Matsuoka;  Secret World of Japanese Sumo and Kabuki

The Hamptons art community is rich, eccentric and diverse as one would find in any major global city. One such internationally renowned artist that we recently discovered in the Hamptons was famed reportage artist Lynn Matsuoka; a native New Yorker, who spent 37 years living in Japan. Lynn was recruited back in the 1970's to work in Japan for famed department store Seibu as an Illustrator for their advertising department.  She became enamored by the flash and dazzle of Sumo Wrestling and found her new illustrate Sumo on and off the stage. What is unique about Lynn's work is that she is the only female artist ever allowed entry to the inner sanctums of Sumo to document this unseen world. No doubt her passion for the sport, as well as her NY chutzpah played a role in gaining access.

Eventually, word got out that a female from NYC was drawing Sumo and she quickly became a sensation in Japan, eventually marrying a Sumo wrestler (but that's another story).  Lynn's work gained many accolades thru the years, which led to her next project illustrating another Japanese cultural institution, actors in Kabuki theatre; a highly stylized drama of all male casts that play both both genders.  Here her sketches portrayed the behind the scenes life of the actors applying makeup, relaxing and rehearsing, which even today is a world that remains behind closed doors in order to maintain its mystique.  Through Lynn's work she beautifully captures the essence of both Sumo and Kabuki in all its rawness and splendor.

Lynn Matsuoka now calls the Hamptons home, attracted by the peace and tranquility of the winter months and the excitement in the summer.  Right know she is focused on equestrian theme depictions inspired by her close proximity to horse country, as well as writing her memoirs, which no doubt given her colorful life will be a fun and entertaining read. 

She specializes in Sports & Theater Documentary Artwork and Portraits, and lectures on the World of Japanese Sumo. Her reportage and fine art work is in corporate and private collections around the world, including the Morikami & Del Ray Beach Museum collections in the USA and the Sumo Museum in Tokyo.

A sampling of Lynn Matsuoka's work is depicted below: Lynn Matsuoka Sumo

 Lynn Matsuoka Sumo

 Lynn Matsuoka Kabuki actor applying makeup

Lynn Matsuoka Kabuki actor

Lynn Matsuoka Equestrian

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