Park Hyatt Tokyo Close to Heaven

The Park Hyatt Tokyo stands as a tranquil oasis situated in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku business district, close to one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations Shinjuku Station where over 3 million people daily use the station and minutes away from the main shopping and restaurant area. Most recently made famous by Sofia Coppola film “Lost in Translation.”

Entering into the Parky Hyatt Tokyo enables one to escape the urban chaos and enter a world of calmness, solitude and luxury…

As a side note, the property is owned by Tokyo Gas which must be a rather visionary company to take such a bold move over 20 years ago to develop The Park Hyatt Tokyo since their core business is related to the gas industry. The leadership was talented enough (probably excellent taste level too boot) to hire and collaborate with iconic hotel interior designer John Morford who has been designing for the Hyatt Chain for over 25 plus years and still involved in every design detail of the Park Hyatt Tokyo.


From driving up to the hotel entrance one is greeted by exceptionally well-trained and attractive staff who anticipate your arrival.  Don't miss the welcoming ceramic artwork face above the main entrance by Japanese artist Mieko Yuki.

Original artwork and installations are also used throughout the property as clues to signal that you have arrived at no ordinary hotel. You are whisked away to the elevator passing by numerous installations of metal art created by British artist Antony Donaldson of what seems to be a watch someone forgot, but more a homage to leaving your watch at the entrance to forget about time. For sure you do not want time to go fast at the Park Hyatt Tokyo!

Outside Entrance Ceramic Artwork by Mieko Yuki

Park Hyatt Tokyo Outside Entrance Ceramic Artwork by Mieko Yuki

Entrance - Metal Art by Antony Donaldson

Parky Hyatt Tokyo

Entrance - Metal Art by Antony Donaldson watch on marble,"forget about time"Park Hyatt Tokyo Entrance - Metal Art by Antony Donaldson NOTE: watch on marble - "forget about time"


As you ascend to the 41st floor the elevator lights softly brighten setting the stage for your arrival to the Peak Lounge where soaring glass walls showcases awe inspiring views of the city below. Time to exhale and feel free as a bird! To the left off the elevator you will notice a metal bird cage with its door opened and the bird standing outside its cage – a homage to no boundaries! The lobby lounge is a perfect place for afternoon tea or evening cocktails overlooking Tokyo…

41st Floor - The Peak Lounge

Park Hyatt Tokyo 41st Floor - The Peak Lounge

As you walk back to the main check-in area you will pass through a multiple of different yet seamlessly integrated luxury spaces from Girandole, European-style restaurant, to the Library stocking some amazing art books & art by Yoshitaka Echizenya that changes seasonally to the main check-in area that makes you feel so at home and fortunate! Each space glows in its own color palette and ambiance. If only our homes were designed designed like this!!

Girandole Restaurant

Park Hyatt Tokyo Girandole Restaurant

The Library

Park Hyatt Tokyo The Library

The Checkin/ Reception Area

Park Hyatt Tokyo Reception check-in on 41st Fl

Lux Hallway to Guest Rooms

Park Hyatt Tokyo Lux Hallway to Guest Rooms


These are no ordinary guest rooms but a luxury refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Beds are custom made by an exclusive Japanese bed maker Nihon BedThe walls are paneled with rare water elm from Hokkaido in Northern Japan that has been submerged in lakes for thousands of years. A Yoshitaka Echizenya painting rests above the tub in each guest room. The bathrooms are spa grade with Aesop bath amenities; hard to describe in words until you submerge yourself into the bath tub!

The Zen-Like Bedroom

Park Hyatt Tokyo Bedroom


The Club On The Park is the ultimate spa & gym and makes you feel like you are on top of the world and can achieve anything! Working out on the treadmill at sunrise is pretty special experience!

The Pool on the 47th Floor

Park Hyatt Tokyo The Pool on 47th Floor

The Gym's stretching area on the 47th Floor

Park Hyatt Tokyo - Gym with a View


There are so many other amazing experiences at the Park Hyatt Tokyo including drinks at the NY Bar & Grill (awesome steaks!) on the 52nd floor or contemporary Japanese dinner at Kozue to name a few. 

NY Bar

Park Hyatt Tokyo, NY Bar

NY Bar View

Park Hyatt Tokyo, View from NY Bar


This article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the ” The Service,” as the exceptionally trained and impeccably dressed staff are passionate about making you feel like VVIP’s! One needs to experience it first hand in order to comprehend just how good it is! 

Cant wait for my next stay!

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(images: Takuya Suzuki)

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