The Making of the Montauk Pant: Hamptons Inspired, Made in Japan

Takuya Duncan, while in Kyushu region of Japan recently discovered a century old vertical mill that has perfected the art of making traditional cotton Kimonos.  We were so impressed with the craftsmanship that goes into the entire development process from the twisting of fibers to the dying process to the weaving of the fabrics, to the fine details that goes into every stitch of garments...that we commissioned them to develop the Montauk Pant.  

The premium fabrics selected are light-weight, airy, yet are very strong due to their special weaving technique discussed below.


The Montauk Stripe Pant fabric is created using a very old dying and weaving technique called kasuri, where the stripe yarns are tightly wrapped and twisted before being colored to create a desired  and unique pattern, the yarns are also preshrunk before the weaving process. Thus, you get this irregular stripe effect that is not found in commercial weaving techniques.  

The Montauk Solid Pant fabric is created using a sashiko weaving technique - literally means "liitle stabs" - form of stitching that creates a subtle texture effect similar to a dobby, yet makes the fabric stronger than traditional flat surface fabrics, while still allowing the fabric to be light and airy.  

We felt both fabrics were perfect to pair with our Montauk pant for on and off the beach!

SHOP The Montauk Pant - Solid & Striped

Montauk Pant Fabrics stripe and solid

Images from Japan - making the Montauk Pant.

Japan factory making Montauk Pant Stripe and Solid

SHOP The Montauk Pant - Solid & Striped

The Montauk Pant Made in Japan










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