World's Best Whiskey

Japan has recently beat out Scotland as one of the world's premier Whiskey manufacturers.  At Takuya Duncan we are fans of two award-winning brands from Japanese company Suntory, Yamazaki and Hibiki, where they have been making Whiskey since 1923.  Whiskey connoisseurs around the world have been buying up both brands, making them increasingly hard to find. Luckily we were able to get our hands on a few bottles.  

If you like Whiskey we highly recommend trying both. Whiskey is a perfect drink to relax with particularly as the weather gets cooler. 

We like our Whiskey on the rocks!

  • Yamazaki - Aged Single Malt 
  • Hibiki - Aged Blended Malt 

Suntory Whiskey Yamazaki and Hibiki

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